Mar 102009

skeptic001-300x233Poor Brian Caufield over at Forbes really wants a Mac Netbook.  Trouble is‚ instead of crapping in a bag and putting out a POS that will compete with the offerings from Dell‚ Asus et. al‚ Apple insists on making it’s money by margin and not by volume.  “The computer- and gizmo-maker fiddles with its Mac lineup as the world economy burns” he wrote of Apple’s March 3 revamping of the iMac and Mac Pro lines.  Translation: while PC manufacturers‚ who have no margins to begin with‚ are releasing $250 crapbooks‚ Apple is content with a paltry fluff of its existing offerings‚ all the while laughing at the poor suckers who can’t afford their insanely high-priced products.

So now Brian is citing another rock-solid source to substantiate the existence of his fantasybook: the Chinese-language Commercial Times.  They claim that Taiwanese manufacturer Wintek will supply the touch panels for an Apple “device of some kind”‚ which loosely fits the definition of everything Apple sells that isn’t software.

One thing you can be sure of: if Apple decides to launch a non-IPT‚ non-laptop form factor‚ it won’t be competing for the fish heads and entrails at the bottom of the netbook market feeding tank.  This strikes Brian as “…a little baffling, considering that Gartner predicts sales of low-cost netbooks will double to 21 million units in 2009 from 11.7 million units last year.”  We can assume that unit sales x margin was an equation that was equally baffling to Mr. Caufield.

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