Mar 172009

So the iPhone 3.0 event is history.  Apple’s Scott Forstall and Greg Joswiak did admirably pinch-hitting for the Jobster.  Aside from the fish-in-a-barrel predictions of cut-and-paste and MMS that’ll keep people listening to Kevin Rose for the next 5 minutes‚ there were several other features which‚ depending on how they’re implemented/how much Apple will let devs get away with‚ could be huge.  Spotlight integration for Mail‚ Calendar‚ iPod and “other supported apps” was detailed‚ as was the ability to make in-app purchases‚ built in Maps and over 100 other features and 1‚000 APIs.

Maybe someone will explain to me how MMS gets 15% of the vote in the “Favorite New Feature” poll over at Ars.  Obv Euro bias.

My favorite coverage‚ from Ars Technica‚ here.

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