Jun 082009

Even though Steve Jobs was not wheeled out for the WWDC to announce the iTablet,  there was enough meat disclosed at the recently-completed keynote to “untank” Apple’s stock‚ which opened at $139.50 and now stands at about $144 (3:40 PM EST). This is a nice change-up from what usually happens immediately following an Apple keynote.

MBP Family Gets Bigger

The MacBook Pro line welcomed some former MacBook twins‚ leaving the $999 2.13 GHz model as the last remaining polycarbonate entry. The addition of the 13″ Pro models drops the entry price significantly ($1‚199) while adding some pretty substantial features to the former MacBook.  The enclosed battery of the 17″ model is now the standard for all MacBook pros, which I’m sure will incite the required amount of bitching from the 14 professional photographers who actually need to swap a laptop battery as an integral part of their workday. Seriously, people: the battery lasts up to 7 fucking hours. Get over it.  Other major changes include FireWire 800 standard for all models. SD slots will also be introduced for all models except the 17″, which will retain the ExpressCard slot.

Snow Leopard Extends Middle Finger to Windows 7

Speculation about Apple’s pricing of Snow Leopard was confirmed as well. Apple’s 10.6 operating system will cost $29 and will be available in September. I take the pricing to be directed squarely at Microsoft, who will be likely be banging its “customers” for a lot more scratch for what is essentially an incremental upgrade of Fista – once Microsoft actually gets around to announcing their pricing for Windows 7.  Will M$ risk bleeding more market share in order to continue pulling that sweet‚ sweet lock-in milk from its cash cow? Stay tuned.

iPhone 3.0 is Cooler than You Thought‚ Available Soon

Those of us thinking we could download the newest iPhone operating system immediately following the keynote were disappointed. After trotting out its traditional 342987492374 developer demos, Scott Forstall dropped the magic date: June 17. Now stop clicking that “check for update” button, douchenozzle. Some previously-unseen/seriously cool apps that were demoed include ZipCar, which allows you to search for, pay for and even locate vehicles (press a button on your iPhone and the car’s horn will honk) from the popular hourly car rental service as well as a port of Tom-Tom’s navigation front end.  Expect the added compass and improved camera of the 3GS to further fuel developer badassery.

iPhone 3GS Begins Unjustified Purchase Rationalization Process

No one can put pressure on a married man’s devotion to the latest and greatest gadget quite like Apple. The iPhone 3GS, with its new 3.0 megapixel camera/video camera, compass and 2 – 3x performance improvement will no doubt have people regretfully re-upping their relationship with AT&T. Did I mention they’re the only carrier not supporting 3G tethering? Fucktards.

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