Jun 192009

Environmental Steward Dell‚ Inc. got a little knotted up about Apple’s claim that they have the “Greenest family of notebooks in the world”‚ according to the Times. So they complained to the BBB’s National Advertising Division. According to Dell‚ “family” could be taken to mean not just MacBooks‚ but all of its notebooks.  It could also be taken to mean “a group of close blood relatives who you enjoy the company of and are infuriated by simultaneously”.

Apple replied:


That’s kinda what we meant.”

Dell‚ the company that also got Lenovo to drop “World’s Best-Engineered PCs” from its advertising‚ also complained that Apple fails to establish superiority over all other brands in terms of “recyclability, reduced packaging, less toxic materials and increased energy efficiency”.  Anyone who’s ever opened a box from Dell can attest to the company’s never-ending quest for minimalism.

In the end‚ Apple played nice with the NAD (giggity) and changed the word “family” to “lineup”.  Aren’t you glad you live in a world where advertising is policed so effectively by the market?

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