Jun 222009

The Street once again undershot a number related to the performance of an Apple product‚ this time it was the number of iPhone 3GSs that would be sold over this past weekend.  Depending on who you were‚ you were either in the “right section‚ wrong aisle” or “does your head being up there affect acoustics?” camp.  We all know “accurate” and “analyst” are as likely to appear in the same sentence as “Microsoft” and “innovation”‚ so it’s pretty much par for the course.

The market seems to be struggling with the good news/2-year-old bad news dilemma.  Everyone knows about the WSJ article on the liver transplant that Steve Jobs allegedly underwent 2 years ago (great piece by Gruber here).  Against the backdrop of a pretty shitty market opening‚ AAPL is down slightly this morning.

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