Jun 302009


When you’re exposed to a lot of fanboy rants about Microsoft‚ you eventually get to the point where you question reality. Did they really rip off the original iPhone design for the Zune HD?  Did they really agree to strike IE8 from Win 7 for EU customers‚ then fist them by making them perform clean installs?  Most days I just marvel at a company who would be laughed out of a competitive market were it not for the legacy of their OS market land grab and the army of IT zombies protecting their interests.

This is one of those “/shrug” moments.  Some Windows 7 guided tours appeared today on the Borg’s web-like cyberpresence to sell some of the more “Wow” features of their new operating system.  The tours are hosted by an Apple Retail Store employee Latika, a Microsoft engineer. Because at Microsoft‚ it’s all about the people.   Latika also happens to be the Product Manager for Internet Explorer‚ which means that if I didn’t have Flip4MacWMV installed‚ I wouldn’t know how fucking ironic that was.

As flyers of the Redmond flag proclaim in their Engadget comments “Apple didn’t invent the product walkthrough‚ fanboys.”   Neither did they invent the GUI‚ the MP3 player or the touchscreen-based cell phone.  But if you don’t there’s something a little derivative here‚ you should have your head examined.  If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t keep a good idea in your head for more than 5 minutes‚ it’s because Microsoft’s satellite array can pick up any brainwaves containing good ideas‚ pull them out of your skull from 3 miles up and turn them into something like Microsoft BOB at a cost of $3 billion.

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