Aug 222009

Apple responded to the FCC’s inquiry about the rejection of the Google Voice app, and posted the response on their website.  Most surprising to me: the “continued study” of the app (Apple says it has not rejected it) had nothing to do with AT&T.

Apple is acting alone and has not consulted with AT&T about whether or not to approve the Google Voice application. No contractual conditions or non-contractual understandings with AT&T have been a factor in Apple’s decision-making process in this matter.

Well then, so much for conspiracy theories.  This makes the non-approval both less seedy and more niggling:

The application has not been approved because, as submitted for review, it appears to alter the iPhone’s distinctive user experience by replacing the iPhone’s core mobile telephone functionality and Apple user interface with its own user interface for telephone calls, text messaging and voicemail.

No AT&T SMS revenue protection scheme, just plain a old-fashioned fencepost pissing by the chief UI stormtrooper – or maybe a desire not to make Google products “just work” with the iPhone as well now that Google has thrown their hat into the OS ring.

Aug 202009

Cult of Mac has an interview with Rich Miller of Data Center Knowledge, a site devoted to the data center industry.  Rich speculates that Apple’s reportedly 500‚000 square-foot facility (which would make it one of the largest in the world) suggests a “cloud computing” scale.

Silly rabbit.  Obviously SJ reads TMA and is looking to provide the bandwidth necessary to fulfill my personal fantasy.

Aug 182009

According to a Game Informer survey, over 50% of XBox 360 owners have had catastrophic failure of their consoles.

Fifty.  Imagine you were about to buy a TV from a manufacturer who you found had half their TVs go bad while under warranty.

Yet according to the same survey, people play their 360s slightly longer per day than their PS3 or Wiis and only 4% said that console failure rate would play a role in a future purchase of a 360.

M$: Success Despite Our Involvement

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Aug 072009

On Tuesday‚ Uncle Walt revealed Microsoft’s straightforward upgrade chart for current Windows users.

/cracks up

OK‚ I tried.  How bad is it?  Even Ed “Go” Bott (“Windows is like the K-Mart OS X”) thinks that the only logical explanation is that someone secretly working for Apple in M$’s ranks is releasing this stuff.

And “Custom Install” = “Wipe all your shit out beforehand”.  Nice.

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