Sep 082009

Long time reader/first time poster.  Fellow “productivity porn” recovering addict.

Sorry to hear about your run-in with Snow Leopard.  Almost more sorry to see the clicktards at Infoworld are using it as a way of equating it to Vista (sorry – no clickthrus for clicktards).  Two upgrades here – no problems.  But I’ve been where you are.  Hope you cloned your drive with SuperDuper or something and didn’t do anything silly like dive right into the upgrade.  That way you could always go back to 10.5 until all the bugs in this half-baked point-something-upgrade get worked out.  A guy with so much going on shouldn’t take chances.

I’m not here to call out Merlin like he claims a lot of his Mactard peers are doing. I have too much love for the M².  I wish him the best and hope he gets back on track soon.

Get well soon bro.

/Jesus peace


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