Sep 242009

If you’re the kind of person that tries to rope friends into helping you move‚ claiming it’ll be “fun” and offering a cold beer in lieu of money‚ Microsoft has an idea for you: the Windows 7 launch party.  They’ve even posted a video how-to guide‚ with a somewhat incomplete list of suggested activities.  What happened to “pin the driver on the peripheral” or the “custom install app registration code treasure hunt”?


If you choose to host‚ I’d recommend a strict designated driver policy.

Update: I know it’s been almost 2 years and the chances of anyone seeing this are practically non-existent, but I just came across this remix of the party video from Cabel’s Blog. Premise: how would this video sound if you bleeped out the references to Windows 7?

Why didn’t I know about this 2 years ago?

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