Dec 192009

Over the past couple of months, I’ve come to sympathize with AT&T’s infrastructure plight. After trying and trying to accomodate iPhone users, their service is still compromised by the greedy 3% of users who hog 40% of their bandwidth. This isn’t a Marxist state, so people should pay for what they use, right?

Tell you what guys: I support your scary proposition to charge people for what they use and to smash the buffet table of unlimited use you currently grace all of us ingrates with.

Here’s the thing: if $30 represents unlimited use – by your definition – then $30 should be your ceiling.  So those piggish 3% should pay $30 – or more if they account for more than the established average bandwidth of that 3%. The rest of us should pay less.

That’s what you had in mind, right?

  One Response to “AT&T: You win. I’ll pay for the data I use.”

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