May 132010

So Adobe spent some bucks to bring its complaints about Appleā€™s no-Flash policy to the masses. All the big tech sites such as Ars and Engadget have been running it and the Times has a full-page ad devoted to it. I have invested a slightly more modest sum, and limited myself to a single channel, for my response:

  4 Responses to “TMA Responds to Adobe’s Adver-whining”

  1. Adobe is constantly getting ripped for not getting to 64-bit faster. They are still in the business of making money first and foremost. Adobe spent tons in making a Mac-compatible version, then OSX comes out. Of course a company that spent tons in research and development for OS9, is not going to plow full steam ahead on an fully native 64-bit cocoa version.

    I’ve used Photoshop on a Mac since 2005, and have had little issues (even when running CS2 in Rosetta). It’s slow to boot, but other than that it works fine.

    I’m glad CS5 is going to take full advantage of the system, but it’s not like Adobe has been delivering junk for the past 4 Photoshop releases.

  2. I think you’re conflating your histories, if by “Mac-compatible version” you’re saying Adobe had to port Creative Suite to the Mac. CS was a Mac-first product.

    Adobe makes the de facto creative tools for the Mac. It took them a *year* to port their wares when Apple switched to Intel, and 10 to port (parts) of the Suite to 64-bit. Before all this happened, Apple was clear about their transition plan – neither Intel nor OS X fell out of the sky.

    I’m sure Adobe’s development schedule suits their bottom line just fine. Especially when they have bigger markets to serve. But Jobs doesn’t forget that kind of stuff. I find it funny to see Adobe feign shock at the denial of Flash on an Apple mobile device.

  3. @JT – You’re probably right. I was coming back to this to post that my thoughts were really based on my experience and not researched facts. I hate when people do that on the net, and I just realized I’m doing the same thing. :)

    I’ve personally enjoyed using CS3 on the Mac the past couple years, but perhaps once I upgrade to CS5 I’ll realize what I’ve been missing.

  4. IMO there’s way too many analysts, columnists and hacks who short their research, so your comment was more coherent than 90% of the tripe out there.

    I’ve heard great things about CS5 (full disclosure: I use and enjoy CS4). Because I’m no longer able to score an educational discount, I may have to sit this one out, however.

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