May 172010

There’s a million reasons, really: enhancements to your computing experience and bullshit you don’t have to put up with. One of the biggest checks in the latter column is Conflicker.

From, an awesome article on the most prolific and tenacious Windows worm ever created. Despite the efforts of some of the world’s smartest coders, botnet experts and cryptographers:

As of this writing, 17 months after it appeared and about a year after the April 1 (2009) update, Conficker has created a stable botnet. It consists of anywhere from hundreds of thousands of computers to 12 million. No one knows for sure anymore, because with peer-to-peer communications, the worm no longer needs to check in with an outside command center, which is how the good guys kept count. Joffe estimates that with the four distinct strains (yet another one appeared on April 8, 2009), 6.5 million computers are probably infected.

The investigators see no immediate chance or even any effective way to kill it.

Basically, no one knows how many computers are infected, they have no idea how to kill or even quarantine it and have no clue what the worm’s creator(s) ultimate intent is.

Obviously, Macs are unaffected. Sleep tight, Wintards.

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  5 Responses to “Here’s Why You Should Use a Mac”

  1. Wow… This is just crazy. Been on a Mac since 2005… no virus software and no viruses… ever. People just don’t know what they’re missing.

  2. Been using a Windows PC since 2001. Never had a virus, ever. Don’t use virus software. Know why? Cause I’m not a retard who clicks on executables sent to me by me people I don’t know.

    The problem is not Windows, it is retards. Windows PCs have more retards because they have more users. Also because they have bigger install base.

    Virus writers look at Number of Users * Retardation of Userbase. Macs have a small number of users, and a relatively technical user base (cause they thought to buy a Mac instead of just one of those PC things).

    Also, if you use Snow Leopard, you have built in virus protection:

    Regarding Conficker: – suggests that ‘Third-party anti-virus software vendors AVG Technologies, McAfee,[67] Panda Security,[68] BitDefender,[69] ESET,[70] F-Secure,[71] Symantec,[72] Sophos,[73] Kaspersky Lab[74] Trend Micro[75] and Sunbelt Software have released detection updates to their products and claim to be able to remove the worm.’

    So, you know, they might be able to kill it.

    Get your facts straight, Fanboys.

  3. Congrats on not having a virus – that you know about. While I will agree that there is a stronger correlation between Windows user and “retard”, Redmond’s registry structure doesn’t help out a whole lot. But hey – backward compatibility for the win, right?

    The “security through obscurity” argument you allude to has been beaten to death. If a hacker could access the wealthy Mac market, wouldn’t he do so? Wouldn’t it be a sick brag if you were the hacker to finally propagate a real Mac virus? Macs are inherently more secure than Windows – period. Not everyone has the security products you mentioned, nor the means to obtain them. They don’t come bundled with Windows.

    The fact is that Windows: operating systems:: Lindsay Lohan’s crotch: average female crotch.

  4. @Ricahrd Whitehouse

    Do you use Internet Explorer and do Google searches? If so, you’ve had (or have) a virus, even if you don’t know it. If you don’t use Internet Explorer, then I can truly see how you haven’t had a virus. Most Mac users that use Windows occasionally through Boot Camp, VMWare, Parallels, etc – don’t have anti-virus software or malware installed. They save the web browsing for the Mac, and that pretty much nixes a lot of the threats.

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