Jul 022010

Excellent article by Daniel Eran Dilger on why it makes zero sense for Apple to release a CDMA version of  the iPhone with Verizon – or even maintain it as a skunkworks project. The money paragraph:

The top 15 global mobile carriers handle around 3,000 million subscribers, and they’re all GSM/UMTS carriers. Below Verizon and AT&T, there’s another 800 million subscribers handled by the next 15 largest mobile carriers, and again, they’re all GSM/UMTS carriers too. So should Apple aim at selling the iPhone to 3,800 potential subscribers worldwide, or should it focus its attention on making a single new generation of CDMA iPhone to target some of the 140 (million) subscribers in the US with a phone that will be obsolete in two years?

Analysis like this absolutely shames the majority of Apple punditry out there. Not only does he box Rob Enderle’s ears periodically (see the first comment), his articles at Roughly Drafted are simply the best deconstructions of anti-Apple cruft out there.

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