Jul 072010

With the recent Kin debacle, some people who talk about tech for a living have started to look at Microsoft as a company that might actually suck. Whispers about the company’s slow demise can be heard as far as the hallowed halls of ZDNet and Computerworld. Somewhere, the riders of the apocalypse are saddling their horses.

Take MiniMicrosoft, for example. Always a voice of straight talk within the Borg, MiniM$ went on a tear about the Kin. An awesome quote from a former Danger (the company that Microsoft acquired to squander their innovations with the Kin) employee sums it up nicely:

Consider this, in less than 10 years with 1/10 of the budget Microsoft had for PMX, we created a fully multitasking operating system, a powerful service to support it, 12 different device models, and obsessed and supportive fans of our product…

When we were first acquired, we were not taking long lunches and coffee breaks. We were committed to help this Pink project (the project that evolved into Kin) out and show our stuff. But when our best ideas were knocked down over and over and it began to dawn on us that we were not going to have any real affect on the product, we gave up. We began counting down to the 2 year point so we could get our retention bonuses and get out.

Of course, anyone with an iota of sense who isn’t on Microsoft’s payroll in some way has been on them about destroying the value of any of their consumer product offerings – whether developed or acquired. It’s like some kind of CE shit-finger. The Dimunitive One taps the nose yet again:

…we only excel at taking the financial boon of Windows and Office and giving it over to leadership that totally blows it down the drain like an odds-challenged drunk in Vegas. And the shareholders continue to suffer in silence. And the drunks are looking for their next cash infusion.

The stink lines have been streaking off this carcass since they first started thinking they could innovate with the same talent they showed using their monopoly power to run competitors out of the market. First Google destroys them in search – and then mobile devices. Then Apple parlays superior offerings into a industry force that crushes their market cap. I only hope Ballmer sticks around long enough to see it through to the end that’s so obviously coming.

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