Aug 092010

Google and Verizon have done some important work for the U.S. government: they’ve drafted a policy for an open Internet ripe for cutting and pasting by the FCC. With the exception of item #6, this represents good things for consumers. Because Google and Verizon no doubt meant to see all internet traffic equitably distributed and would never contemplate rigging the policy governing wireless broadband to favor either of the 2 companies, I’ve done a little editing, which I know conveys the true sentiment felt by both of these communications juggernauts:

Sixth, under this proposal we would apply the wireline principles to wireless, including the transparency requirement.

I even made it more succinct for you, which I find is helpful when you’re explaining things to government agencies. You’re 99% of the way there, guys. I appreciate your efforts so much, I won’t even bill you for the redrafting.

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