Sep 142010

I threw up 5 times this morning to fit into this bikini!

You may have seen Amazon’s cute ad for its Kindle e-reader recently. It depicts a dork with an iPad and a bikini-clad model with a Kindle, both reading from their devices poolside. One is struggling to read his glossy screen while the other is breezing through her electronic copy of Self magazine  (oops – that’s not available on the Kindle) Pride and Prejudice. And at $139, our model quips “I actually paid more for these sunglasses”. Check and mate Jeff Bezos!

The problem is that Amazon just laid out the entirety of its differential value proposition in that commercial. Sort of like the shitty movie with the awesome 2 minute trailer, that’s as good as it’s going to get. For $139, that might be disposable income for some, but if you’re in the market for devices that can read books, are you really going to drop $139 when you could have a device that does video, email and has access to a quarter million apps for twice as much? Book nuts will buy a Kindle to read to their 5 cats. Anyone who has thought about doing more with their device won’t.

Oh, and people who fry themselves poolside in 2010 with the regularity that would make the Kindle a clear “buy” should be making arrangements for their skin grafts now.

TMA is now at 100 posts. Thanks to all you comment spammers for giving me something to do with my free time. Try clicking through some ads.

  3 Responses to “Amazon’s Obvious Kindle Ad is Obvious”

  1. Congrats on your 100th post :)

  2. Having twice as many posts as comments is an interesting sensation. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. The ad was well done as far as what it wanted to accomplish, but I agree with you: it wasn’t a great strategy. I went to the beach this summer and saw zero iPads poolside or oceanside… or Kindles. Saw plenty of iPods and iPhones though. Lots of books and magazines. I think the “I want to have a 10 inch pricey gadget with me at the pool/beach in the blazing sun” market isn’t that big. Someone needs to give Amazon a heads up.

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