Oct 012010

ChangeWave, a company that asks people stuff then charges a lot of money for what they say, released a report today which showed that people are developing more of a preference for the Android operating system on their mobile phones, stealing preference share away from the iPhone. I’ll save you the $1,500 to purchase the report and quote you the relevant statistics:

Wow – looks like people are really starting to warm up to Google’s mobile OS, right? Ummmm…no.

What’s going on here is simple. People who buy their phones for the network (i.e. Verizon) will buy Android phones; people who buy their phones for the operating system will buy an iPhone. Like you could ask the question as “what mobile OS do you prefer?” without the network the phone is on being a factor.

So statements like “…we’ve seen huge leaps forward for the Android OS in four of the last five ChangeWave surveys” are horseshit. What you’ve “seen” is the propagation of Android phones on every network and the continued presence of the iPhone on only one. To imply that the increase is due solely to the popularity of the operating system would be laughable if you were giving your findings away for free.

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