Oct 182010

That explosion you heard at approximately 2:04 PM Pacific was Cupertino dropping an absolute bomb on analysts’ estimates for Apple’s 4th quarter financials. Some tasty bits:

  • Fourteen. Million. iPhones. That’s an increase of over 60% from the 2nd most successful quarter (8.7M in Q1 ’10) and beating out RIM’s 12.1 M units.
  • Revenue clobbered Apple’s previous record by almost $5 billion as the company recorded its first $20B quarter.
  • Mac unit sales were over 400,000 more than the previous record quarter, growing 27% YOY.

Put simply, the only number that didn’t set a record this quarter was the number of iPods sold, which should surprise exactly no one, yet will likely be the fixation of freetards and stock manipulators.

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