Nov 162010


Does not equal this:

Yes, I know I have zero respect for how they changed music. I don’t care. After 5 years of reading about them imminently coming to iTunes, then not coming to iTunes, the only thing Apple could have announced regarding the Beatles that would have improved my day is that they were abandoning all efforts to get them forever.

  5 Responses to “Exciting Apple Announcement?! You mean…nevermind…”

  1. My apathy in regards to this announcement can only be expressed in scientific notation.

  2. Tech headlines in the not-too-distant future:

    Apple’s big misstep?
    Steve Jobs email “I like them. You should too.”
    “Beatlegate” escalates with iTunes revolt
    Narayen Decries Distortion Field

  3. PS Zero respect for how they changed music? How about them having zero respect for how Apple changed music!

    Seriously, though. It doesn’t matter whether or not you happen to like their music or not. After head-in-the-sand resisting legitimate online music venues for so long, they have all but guaranteed that anyone who was interested in having their music on their iPods… would have taken it.
    Hence, this announcement is like gluing the barn door closed with the remains of the horse that bolted from it.

  4. The joke that is the electronic distribution of the Beatles’ works is another casualty of our litigious society, which has choked off entrepreneurial innovation (the patent/trademark joke), medical innovation (“Take 10x the prescribed dosage of Celebrex and die? Call 1-800-SCUMBAG to get yours!”).

    I don’t mind the Beatles, but the on and off kabuki bullshit with Apple, as you point out, has killed any chance for the current generation to appreciate what I clearly don’t have the taste to.

  5. This move wasn’t meant to hit the current generation… What kid do you know these days that would spend 1,99 or whatever a song costs on what they regard as classical music? Let alone spend 150 on the complete set!

    I asked my nephew what she thought about Beatles on iTunes… Her answer was: Who?

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