Dec 092010

In a bizarre turn of events, an apparently intoxicated man crashed the stage of the D: Dive into Mobile conference (aside: possibly worst conference name ever) claiming to be RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, who attempted to humor the man until the authorities arrived, staged a mock interview, during which he incoherently fielded questions about the future of the Blackberry platform while poking furiously at what he claimed to be RIM’s future iPad competitor, the PlayBook.

UPDATE: apparently the person speaking at the conference was Mike Lazaridis. Woo boy. Tip to Mike: when Walt Mossberg prefaces a follow-up question with “I’m a little confused”, that’s equivalent to hearing the music start during your Academy Awards acceptance speech. You really need to consider getting the fuck off the stage. Engadget and AllThingsD have the blow-by-blow unfolding of Mike’s personal train wreck.

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