Mar 032011

For most people passionate about the Android platform, “free as in freedom” isn’t just an OS you don’t have to pay for – it’s a way of life. The Android Marketplace is the Amsterdam of app stores: chances are you’ll find anything illegal you’re looking for, be it ringtones based on copyrighted music or wallpapers based on copyrighted film properties. The latest addition to the Marketplace also allows you to pick up some nasty STD’s, but I digress. Apparently some developers are making a decent living selling such wares there, but such an existence can be fleeting.

Take the case of a certain Android developer who, among other things, makes an app called Rapid Download! that allows one to “search and download from filehosting (sic) sites like RapidShare”. Yes, I know you can use RapidShare for non-copyrighted material, but seriously: cut the shit. It certainly makes the developer appear much less aggrieved when the screenshot of his app features a search for songs by Lil Wayne and search results that I’m guessing aren’t exactly kosher with his label.

Anyway, this developer had his Rapid Download! app unceremoniously kicked from the tit by Google without so much as an email explanation. I would assume for the flagrant middle finger the app chucks in the face of artists and their labels, but you never know. That the developer wonders why it was removed is almost as funny as him expecting a meatbag at the Googleplex to correspond with him personally. He claims his “over $14,000 in “service fees” as part of their 30% tax on all sales” qualifies him for better treatment and is demanding that Android developers unite to confront such shoddy treatment. The proletariat is pissed at Mountain View. Everything about Android you need to know is summarized by their logo:

Android developers and those favoring the use of software that allows you not to pay for copyrighted material: unite!

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