Apr 202011

A lot of people roll their eyes when they catch wind that Apple is suing someone over “look and feel”.  And when TMA says “roll their eyes”, he means “holler soprano through knotted panties”. To wit:

“This just in.. Ford sues the whole motor industry for copying the Model T. 4 wheels.. Check! Steering wheel.. Check! Combustion engine.. Check! I know.. Crazy huh?”   –Some Engadget douchebag

“Clearly subjective. The “user interface” is nothing like IOS outside of the square app options. This suit is rediculous and I hope Steve Jobs dies already.”   –Classy Gizmodo commenter (currently “unstarred”, but with SJ comment and rediculous spelling, it’s only a matter of time)

So why does Apple continue to fire lawsuit salvos from behind its “walled garden”?

Because you didn’t design the iPhone. Neither did Samsung (LOL@the Samsung fantards, BTW). Apple did. And the way the intellectual property protection system works in technology, if you invest in something, you patent it. It could be highly technical and difficult to reverse-engineer or not so technical and trivially easy to rip off. Sometimes, the “easy to rip off” stuff is harder to get right than the components that support it. The particularly uninformed have a hard time grasping this. Someone had to do more than think of this stuff. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t you. That’s why you’re not bringing products to market and “trade dress” is a part of what’s protectable.


Like any system designed to protect, the trademark and patent system in this country can be abused. TMA isn’t claiming to agree with the specifics of every Apple claim with regard to “look and feel”, but the overarching rationale behind them is hard to knock. This isn’t about Apple trying to extort annuities in the form of licensing agreements from companies, a strategy that dying whales like Microsoft and Nokia are clinging to. This is about protecting the enormous investment Apple made in developing a product that was unlike anything before it, but is serving as the copy-glass original for everything since.

  3 Responses to “You Couldn’t Design the iPhone”

  1. “Because you didn’t design the iPhone. Neither did Samsung (LOL@the Samsung fantards, BTW)”

    What are you, some new “special” apple fan tard that rides on a special bus? What a stupid post that was. Yeah, it’s hard to design an icon, Riiiight. It’s the “copy-glass original”. Ever stop to think about the fact that those icons are not only generic, but have been around BEFORE the iphone and that’s why they all look similar? Idiot? hello? And “a product unlike anything before it”. It’s A PHONE!, that wasn’t really all that special. It’s best feature was the touch screen when it appeared. Touch screen amazing? Garmin and others had it first, sorry. It didn’t even have any app store or anything like that on first gen.

    The iphone was a bit better of a phone, but they were also charging people through the nose for it. And considering the delusional nature of ifans to hang on every last word from steve job’s brain washing speeches, no wonder they paid $600 for each phone. IDIOTS!

    Look and feel dates back to apple’s nutty desire to sue MS over icons in an old windows version that actually was fairly different, and had MORE features than system 6 had. If it hand’t been form microsoft saving apple’s behind in 1997 they’d be as gone as commodore. And I wish they hadn’t because now we have to listen to kool aid drinking fools like your self. My God, what a stupid comment that was.

  2. Great another moderated, censorship supporting site that will likely protect apple. No wonder the truth is never heard anywhere these days. Stupid people get what they deserve. There’s no saving them..

  3. LOL.
    1:57 EST: tirade about how stupid Apple’s IP is.
    1:59 EST: expression of butthurt about how comments are moderated.

    I haven’t rejected a comment yet, even ones as asinine as yours. In fact, I love these kinds of comments because they plumb the depths of stupidity that exist in the dirty little corners of the Internet. Every single sentence has a fact that is flat-out wrong, with the exception of the last sentence of your first comment. That one I agree with wholeheartedly.

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