May 182011

Ed Bott is a garden-variety ZD Net Windows shill that TMA has run into before. His speciality is one common among Windows enthusiasts. As John Gruber illustrates, it involves periodically talking up a Mac virus threat that never seems to materialize. Ever. Well now Bott has incontrovertible proof of an impending outbreak.

He spoke to an Applecare rep.



Nevermind that the “infestation” that Bott is going on about is a trojan horse that explicitly requires you to input your administrator password. It’s not a virus – you know – those thousands of different things lurking in every registry that costs Windows users billions of dollars a year?

Now, even for a shameless hack like Bott, recounting a conversation with a nameless “Apple rep” is thin. But reading his “interview” is downright laughable. I won’t give Ed the link because of TMA’s “No Linkbacks for Hitwhores” rule, but trust me when I say the melodrama is as thinly veiled as his receding hairline.

The best thing that could happen to bottom-feeders like Ed Bott would be for viruses to run amok in the wild on the Mac platform so they can finally, after decades of assuring Mac users it was a certainty, be right. If only the facts would cooperate.

  2 Responses to “Your Humpday Asshat: Ed Bott”

  1. I think it’s OK for Bott to raise the issue, Mac-users need to be reminded that they’re not all called Kal-El and kryponite does exist.

    It means I’m reminded not to use my 10 yo G3 running pre-Tiger for porn-trawls.

    Where he goes wrong is using the suggestions in the titles of the articles of images of tsunami-esque waves of malware racing towards unsuspecting and unprotected Apple walled gardens.

    His latest post shows how hard he had to work to find a few users who been suckered by a Mac trojan.

    I’ve seen this particular nastie in the wild and it is very convincing.

    Fortunately for me, my gf has been trained to ask before installing anything on our MBA, so I was able to study the FUD screen that the thing uses to lure the Windows-inured-to-malware novice into installing it. Then quit Safari and washed my hands.

    The very first virus I saw in 91 was Mac based. Back then it was soo easy to write code for System 7/8 that anyone with ResEdit could embed any piece of code in any piece of software (MS-Office was too badly written to try it).

    Since then nada.

    That’s over 20 years of unprotected internet file exchange, including a spell as an AOL user!

    P.S. “Hard work”. “Journalist”. Unusual combination!

  2. My biggest problem with Bott is that he conflates security terms very consciously, and that constitutes the worst kind of FUD. There’s nothing “PSA” about his article; there’s no step-by-step advice for how to avoid installing the trojan. His motivations are laid bare with his digs about Apple’s alleged insistence that their techs not help the poor father of a 6 year old girl. Crap like that is Bott’s stock and trade; his only interest is in dragging the Mac into the company of his Windows cesspool.

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