Jun 282011

The latest amalgamation of disperate Google projects semi-designed-to-but-not-officially compete against something successful (Facebook) has started its soft launch: Google + (Google Plus). This excellent summary from Search Engine Land runs through the service’s offerings point by point, and one of the things that struck me was the passage that described the integration of another Googleganger, +1:

“Yes, anything you like within Google+ can be +1′d, in the way that anything you like on Facebook can be liked with Facebook Like buttons.

If you do that, do your friends on Google+ see that action, in the way that friends on Facebook may see what you like? Nope. Not to my understanding.

It’s crazy. It makes no sense. It’s as if Facebook launched its Like buttons but forgot to hook them up to flow information back into Facebook.”

It makes perfect sense if your business model involves placing bought-and-paid-for search results next to ones based on Google’s “secret sauce” algorithms, which obviously have only your interests at heart. What do you do when you have a third set of unpaid search results potentially diverting a major stream of your revenue?


Thank goodness someone was there to pull the plug. As far as the value of not being able to use +1’s as a factor in search, it’s not like anyone expects anything from Google’s beta services anyway. It’ll probably be “Waved” before it goes mainstream.

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