Aug 032011

Unlike iOS, but very much like Windows XP, Android has issues with malware. Neckbeards tell us that such is the price of “freedom” from Apple’s tyrannically easy-to-use and attractive apps that populate its “walled garden” by the hundred of thousands. With Android, Google’s non-existent app screening process and free-for-all approach to how you can load apps onto your phone guarantee the sort of freedom that a 6 year old would enjoy if you gave him a credit card and taught him how to use it.

The latest identity-jacking (the kind that Google doesn’t perform) belongs to a trojan that, once installed, allows your phone calls to be recorded and uploaded to whoever might be interested in your boring lives.  If you’re a shartphone sufferer, how do you combat the threat? By not “sideloading” apps and only downloading them from trusted sources like Google’s Android Market, which has a pristine history of only allowing hundreds of thousands of malware-infested apps to be downloaded before they pull the plug on rogue developers. Another recommendation is to run some sort of antivirus app. Yes, you read that correctly: run an antivirus for your smartphone.

According to a firm that makes such software for Android, the problem is getting worse. Via Computerworld:

According to Lookout Security, which develops anti-malware software for Android but not for Apple’s iPhone, the likelihood of an Android owner encountering malware has jumped by two-and-a-half times since January.

And why doesn’t Lookout develop anti-malware software for iOS?

What’s two-and-a-half times zero?

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