Aug 042011

I have a new hero. Unfortunately, his tirade against Google’s phony whining is slammed (no doubt because everyone in the world agrees with him), but here’s a cache preserving the post that nails the essence of why you should not like Google very much.

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  1. Well that was pretty good, but one of his main “pussies” argument threads made me wince: when he was talking about having ‘battle scars’ compared to having monopolies fall into their lap – and he in an apparently totally straight-faced manner draws out Microsoft… as the former! Simultaneously lumping them in right alongside Jobs and then paying the real hero the merest of passing lip service mentions – not even his full name.

    That was either pretty funny, or really tragically ignorant, since all his sentences about ‘finding cubes for the new employees this week’ and ‘not innovating a single fucking thing in over a decade’ could be run through a TextEdit find-replace: “Google” for “Microsoft”.

  2. @Jonathon. I think he had to lump MS in with Apple cos the Google legal eagle’s anti- patent/they’re-all-against screed lumped the two together as ” them”.

    Hall has consistently called Google the new Microsoft, using monopoly power in one sector for evil in another and as his audience up until “Pussies” was soo smal, I’m guessing he didn’t think he had to state it again (Yawn).

    His point was that MS had achieved it’s monopoly position by defeating incumbent monopolists, Lotus/Wordperfect/IBM, not having it all just fall into their lap without ANY work.

    Sure IBM gave away the farm, but MS had been tilling the soil for years before that. Google just arrived at Paradise and setup the Windfarm.

    Brian’s just saying “& they now have the cheek to complain!”.

    Bullmer’s not my idea of the ideal CEO, but as BsH has long pointed out, he’s a gutsy bruiser whose path to the Executive Washroom key is a story of telling political in-fighting and strategic manoveuring.

    The schmucks that drive Google?? Fights where blood hits the boardroom carpet? LMAO!

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