Aug 042011

Very few things in the world of tech are black and white. When you hear a senior officer of a multi-billion dollar company say something inflammatory or contentious about another company, it’s usually covered by the tech press as: “he said”, then “she said” and concludes with “guess we’ll never know for sure”.

So when Senior VP and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond from Google decided to get specific with his blubbering about patent bullying by calling out Microsoft’s partnering with Apple and others to keep the Nortel patents out of their hands, it came as quite a surprise when Microsoft’s General Counsel Brad Smith fired back that Redmond did, in fact, request a partnership with Google, one that they declined. Frank Shaw, Microsoft Head of Communications, then buried the point home by tweeting a photo of the actual email from Google’s General Counsel Frank Shaw saying as much. It makes you wonder how far down the hall Drummond’s office is from Shaw’s.

It is not known whether or not Smith’s gamer character performed the customary tea-bagging following his one-shot kill, but I think someone from Google just had their mic unplugged for them.

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