Aug 162011

If you’ve watched any Discovery Channel at all, you’re familiar with the “Serengeti takedown” at the end of a chase. The large cat has its jaws locked around the throat of the antelope as it thrashes wildly before the darkness closes in. HTC should be able to identify strongly with that image.

It’s been a pretty bad week for the Taiwanese company. They’re fresh from the news that their BFFs at Google just played them – and the rest of the suckers locked into Android as their shartphones OS – by purchasing Motorola for $12.5 billion. Apple has a shitload of patents hung on them and two of them have already been upheld by the ITC.  But HTC is not done thrashing, as a thorough search of their sock drawers has yielded yet more patents to throw at Apple. If you want to burn your eyes out through the combined effects of patent language and appaling diction, the USPTO links at MacRumors will certainly accommodate you.

Thrash all you want, HTC. It’s not going to change the ending. It never does.

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