Aug 232011

Android is the top shartphone OS in the U.S. and their dominance keeps piling on the superlatives. According to fearmongers anti-virus makers McAfee, Android is now the largest magnet for malware, and now exceeds Symbian in targets. As reported by ZDNet:

“Android, in particular, was found to be the most vulnerable mobile operating system on the market, as malware targeted towards Google’s OS has skyrocketed 76 percent since the previous quarter…McAfee warned that malware, particularly for Android, could appear in ‘everything from calendar apps, to comedy apps to SMS messages to a fake Angry Birds updates.'”

Because iOS is basically neck-and-neck with Android, despite selling only 2 phones (the most recent being over a year old), there’s got to be a analogous attack ravaging iPhone users, right? McAfee’s findings:

“Apple has become more of a target for malware authors as more Mac OS X computers are being affected by fake anti-virus software.”

What about iOS?

/hits command-F, types “iOS”

//no hits

Interesting. Well…I’m sure Apple’s walled garden will be breached any day now.

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