Aug 252011

This being the day after Steve Jobs announced his resignation as CEO of Apple, the deluge of  farewells and remembrances is in full swing. So when Vic Gundotra posted a personal anecdote about Jobs in his Google+ stream, you’d think it would be something about how Steve showed remarkable poise in his decision-making when dealing with mobile carriers, or how he shrewdly negotiated agreements with labels and studios that changed of how people interact with media.

Turns out it was about how Jobs called him on a Sunday to complain about the color of a letter in the Google logo. Cool story, bro.

Of course, Gundotra talks up the moral of the story  as “every CEO should have this level of attention to detail” – like knowing when your company is helping to advertise the sale of illegal prescription drugs – for 6 years.  Everyone knows about Jobs’ fanatical attention to detail. Does this story really flatter Jobs? Maybe I’m still suffering from withdrawl, but to me it comes across as a left-handed at best.

Maybe my problem is with Gundotra’s track record of speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

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