Sep 142011

Part of the promise of Windows 8 is its ability to run on low-power processors. There have been some sightings of tablets from Nvidia, TI, and Qualcomm all using their particular flavor of ARM. I use the term “sighting” because all of the reference design units were encased in glass. I’m guessing the reason is that they run like shit. The TI unit, for example, sports the same dual-core 1GHz OMAP4430 that the Droid Bionic does – and if Windows 8 runs acceptably on that rig, I’ll eat something really unsavory.

The folks at thisismynext did manage to get a video of a Microsoft VP fiddling with a tablet rocking the Nvidia quad-core “Kal-El” processor. Tell me what you┬ádon’t┬ásee a lot of:

What was that – 1:53 of fingering the Metro UI while talking about – of all things – the fucking gradient of the background and maybe 6 seconds of Windows Desktop? It may be that Windows 8 will run on a low-power processor, but this sleight-of-hand was nothing more than a demo of a big Windows 7 Phone.

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