Sep 192011

Samsung is taking pre-emptive steps to have the future iPhone 5 banned in Korea, according to a “anonymous executive” at Samsung. Citing infrigement on “wireless technology related patents”, the unnamed executive apparently wants to strip Apple of the “we didn’t know it was coming” defense Samsung tried to use in the EU, one which somehow ended up not working at all.

Apple allegedly responded to the threat decisively this morning, issuing plastic covers for all keyboards and monitors at 1 Infinite Loop, lest coffee, Diet Coke and other caffeinated beverages be hurled from the mouths and noses of Apple employees in fits of hysterical laughter. An unidentified person from Apple’s legal department added “Maybe Samsung should focus its saber-rattling on the dozens of countries where they currently can’t sell their knock-offs because of us,” adding “I’ve also addressed the Sammy exec’s threat more formally. You’ll find traces of my statement ringing the bowl of the 3rd floor men’s room, 2nd stall from the back.”

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