Sep 222011

Have you ever wanted to offer ridiculous guesses about the outcome of an event with no accountability for failure?

Have you ever wanted to write about the market for cool electronic gadgets like tablets such as the iPad and…the iPad?

Well now you can! Introducing TMA’s Analysis 1-2-3™! TMA will show you how to pull predictions from your ass and make thousands selling your sage wisdom to corporations everywhere! Here’s a snippet of what TMA’s Analysis 1-2-3™ course will teach you!

See? It’s easy as Guess, Revise, Profit! If you act now, we’ll give you a list of 99 linkbait headlines straight from the mind of Dan Lyons at no extra charge! Don’t delay – call 1-800-LOLGUESS now!  The opportunity for untold wealth and/or pageviews is just a phone call away!

  One Response to “Tech Industry Analysis Secrets: REVEALED – If You Act Now!”

  1. This is great, I’ve often wondered as an experiment of course, to publish a tech rumor that is totally outlandish, and watch it propogate itself across the myriad tech sites. Wait, that’s the way it’s done already, silly me.

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