Sep 272011

The Mini-Microsoft blog is intended to be an “insider” view of Redmond operations from the perspective of the average employee. If you compare the anonymous writer’s rant about the Kin debacle (to which I thoroughly enjoyed linking) to his rosy summation of the Microsoft annual all-hands meeting on Friday, you’d think they were written by two different people (a theory actually put forth in the comments).

And speaking of comments: holy shit. If this is the way Microsoft employees feel about their products and their leadership, they’re worse off than I hoped imagined.  I tried to find a single positive offering, but had to give up once my scrolling fingers (Trackpad, natch) cramped. I’d chalk up the comments to trolling, but these guys’ lingo is very company-specific. If some of them are to be believed, people actually got up and walked out of the event when Ballmer took the stage. I don’t know where you work, but if I pulled that shit, I’d be tazed in the balls and wake up coasting down Broadway duct-taped to an office chair with my personal effects in my lap.

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