Nov 282011

One of Google Android’s most well thought-out differentiators between its mobile OS and Apple’s is the fact that anyone can submit an app to their Market. Total freedom. No “walled garden” impinging on your enjoyment of the Android app ecosystem with iOS’s pesky “screening” or “approval process”.

Calling peoples’ attention to how truly shitastic Android’s hodgepodge of an ecosystem is feels like a part-time job, but the hilarity never wants to stop rearing its head. Take the discovery (by someone other than Google, natch) that some enterprising developers are trying to use a variation of Angry Birds’ Rovio company name to cash in on people not knowing the difference. Google’s been notified, so this should all be resolved…whenever – well, except for the suckers valued Android customers who already bought the apps in question. My favorite part of the TechCrunch article is where they caution people to be “extra careful” and read through “reviews, descriptions and check out the developers’ site before just hitting install” for their apps.

My advice for those considering the merits of a buy-one, get-one on the most recent Android expectoration is much more succinct: just buy a fucking iPhone.

  One Response to “Android Market’s Rovio Scam: I Said Ha-ha”

  1. But then even the Garden has weeds too! Right at this moment in the App Store I can see “Angry Chickens” – in the top 25 no less.
    And there was that Tiny Wings clone that featured a flying turd… Unfortunately the name escapes me just now.

    I don’t get how this stuff gets approved, particularly when there are provisions in the rules that such superfluous submissions may be rejected.

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