Feb 032012

I admit, when I peruse TechCrunch’s articles about Apple, I don’t expect to agree with what’s written (unless its penned by every TC commenter’s least favorite fanboy, MG Siegler). John Biggs submitted a short piece today, however, that outlines something in between the screed of bombastic Michael Moore wannabes and the see-no-evil rationalizations of robot fanboys:

To go into the Foxconn factory is to see a place staffed by college-age kids and engineers who work 10 or so hours a day building electronics. There is no great Dickensian work house nor are there sad-eyed madonnas of the assembly line chained to the soldering irons. This isn’t the mundanity of evil – this is just mundanity.

Tim Cook is a supply chain guru. You don’t get to be exceptional at it without knowing what’s going on inside the companies that assemble your kit. Apple has – and will continue to – improve the conditions of the people who work on its products. And God have mercy, I think the Gawker commenter quoted in the article sums it up well: ““I believe Tim Cook will do more good for those employees (and already has, in point of fact) than Mike Daisey ever will.”

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