Feb 262012

Hot off the heals of the announcement of their combination pico projector/shartphone, the Galaxy Beam, Samsung has just announced the first hybrid tablet/fax machine: the Galaxy Fax.

Also runs Flash for THE FULL INTERNET

Like the Galaxy Beam, the Fax will run the latest version of Android 4.0 released in October¬†Android 2.3 and support the latest V.92 transmission standard. A Samsung senior executive interviewed at Barcelona’s Mobile World Conference had the following to say about the potential of the Fax:

“We’ve heard from users that they want devices that don’t compromise. They don’t want to use one device to call their pharmacy and another device to transmit a paper facsimile of their prescription. The Fax represents the future of telephony AND the future of faxing. We predict this device will make fax machines obsolete in 5 years.”

The Fax will be available in March at retailers everywhere. Paper rolls and toner not included.

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  2 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE – Samsung Announces Galaxy Fax”

  1. Too funny. I wonder what’s next for Samsung…perhaps they’ll come out with a diskette enclosure that will allow you to run multiple 1.44MB disks as a single RAID volume? Of course, it will also run the latest version of Android 4.0 released in October Android 2.3 to allow you to manage it.

  2. Hey! No fair!

    You take Sammy to court for being a serial copyist, then take the piss when they develop something unique & individual.

    Ok it’s an entry in BizarroWorld, but you never know, surgically attach these to tuna and Dr Evil is well on his way to having “sharks with lasers”!

    You laffed at him too!

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