Mar 012012

I don’t know what Google was thinking when they made Motorola a $12.5 billion offer. The company hadn’t made any money since the original RAZR, its patent portfolio was largely tied to FRAND restrictions and they had nothing to do with Google’s business model. But to his credit, Sanjay Jha pulled it off. I wonder how many strip club trips it took. I bet it was a bunch.

It’d be one thing if Moto was just a bad purchase, the kind of searing red-ink entry that Microsoft used to make every other week. But Motorola tried to prove their worth by going after Apple using some of their FRAND patents in Germany, but had that effort brought to a halt. Because of the shady nature of the FRAND attack, Motorola is also garnering some attention from the EU courts on anti-trust grounds.

As if that embarrassment wasn’t enough to induce a little buyer’s remorse, Apple just won an injunction against Motorola based on its photo gallery patent after having won a judgment just 2 weeks prior for its “slide to unlock” patent. The hits just keep on coming.

Google made an announcement this week that it would place a “firewall” between itself and Motorola, with Android chief Andy Rubin stating ““I don’t even know anything about their products, I haven’t seen anything”. It’s always a good sign the person who should know the most about the fruits of an overpriced acquisition (well, the ones you can’t sue people with) goes on record about his ignorance of their value.

Worst. Acquisition. Ever.

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