Mar 072012

The iPad 3 rumor mill is red-lining, with T-minus five hours remaining before Apple’s keynote. Engadget picked up a rumor (that they may have picked up from The Guardian – rumor forensics blow) that the device may feature a technology that allows you to physically interact with your iPad via the manipulation of an electrostatic charge (CNET demo video via Engadget here). The rep from the company that makes the technology, Senseg, said they’d like to see applications within 12 months – and this was a year ago (DUN DUN!). Further, if you read into Apple’s event invite ““We have something you really have to see. And touch.”, it does lead the door open for this kind of feature, if you’re the kind of douche that reads something into everything Apple writes.

You really have to see the video demo to understand the potential of this technology, so I guess I’m encouraging readers to head over to Engadget to take a look. Words I never thought I’d type.

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