Mar 202012

Hear about the latest Apple product defect fiasco? Apparently the new iPad runs 18% hotter than the iPad 2! Actually, that’s sounds better than the reality, but how else are you going to drum up pageviews?

You’d think that the fact that Apple packed 4 times the pixels into its new display would lead to the device running hotter. But 18%? Well, 18% in Celsius. In terms that we Western swine use, it’s actually 11.6% Fahrenheit hotter, or 6 degrees less than body temperature. I’ll have to chalk the outrage up to the fact that most tech writers are uncomfortable with human contact. But 18 > 11.6, so there’s your clickable link.

Remember the salad years of Apple defects? “I can lose signal by contorting my hand around the iPhone like this, just like every other shartphone!” He said “‘You’re holding it wrong’! What a dick!” I think the best you’re going to get out of Apple in terms of a response is pretty much what they said: that the device “operate[s] well within [Apple’s] thermal specifications.” I’m sure that will lead to a new wave of manufactured indignation.

Keep trying, guys.

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Mar 202012

I don’t believe there’s any such thing as “piling on” when it comes to lying frauds like Mike Daisey, and I’m happy to report that most of the free world agrees. Witness a dramatic reading of excerpts from Daisey’s latest “non-fiction” masterpiece The Magic Kingdom?

I’d say he kept his formula for success intact.

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