Mar 212012

One of the drags about being an AppleTV owner is the dearth of content. Sure you can rent or buy from iTunes or watch Netflix, but all of the yummy apps available for the iPad from the pay cable networks like HBO and Showtime balk when you try to use AirPlay to watch their content on your television.

Fast forward to today. DirecTV released an update to their iPad app that allows you to *gasp* watch some of the content playing on these stations on your iPad and on your HDTV via AirPlay.

Suck it, HBO. And you're fucking with the wrong kid, Nazis.

No restrictions on location; you don’t have to be sitting in your living room on the same WiFi network to watch your (admittedly limited) content. You just need your iPad, the app, an AppleTV and a network connection. For those of you still bummed about Netflix dropping Starz content, DirecTV has some of their movies as well.

Now I realize this in itself is not groundbreaking, but it’s a definitive step in the right direction. It sucks that it had to come from my provider, but it’s better than a stick in the eye.

So what’s up pay stations? Get on the AirPlay bandwagon. No more excuses.

Update: Well what do we have here? Game of Thrones and other cable network series? Spartacus? What other treasures will reveal themselves?

Also lost in translation: why anyone thought this movie was good. /ducks

Did I mention you can now watch Game of Thrones?

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