Mar 232012

In my extremely rich fantasy life, I have this image of Microsoft circa 1995 in my head. They’re partying with Adobe at an exclusive club, smoking some fat Cohibas and rocking out to Gangsta’s Paradise (OK, probably Waterfalls), drinking top shelf liquor and laughing about how rudderless and pathetic Apple Computer turned out to be, how they’d continue to shaft Mac users stuck with versions of their software and how they’d take over the PC landscape together.

My, my how things have changed. A guy named Steve came back, and immediately began chipping away at the establishment. Small victories against Microsoft with QuickTime turned into big victories with the iPod, then the iPhone, then the iPad. Several chairs were thrown in Redmond. Jobs even managed to throw a “fuck you” Adobe’s way when he dumped Flash into an early grave kicking and screaming.

Now Apple is the darling of the consumer electronic industry and Microsoft is a company that has visible stinklines coming off its logo. Its Windows PC business has gone in the crapper, its shartphone business is still trying to gain an itty bitty bit of traction and its presence in the tablet market is still non-existent. As a reminder of Microsoft’s place in the new world pecking order, there was a beautiful rumor circulating this morning that Windows Phone 7 would not be getting Rovio’s latest installment of its mega-popular Angry Birds, a rumor that if true would have been a serious blow to Microsoft’s ambitions in the mobile space. Fortunately, the scare turned out to be false (probably after more than one “What the fuck?” phone call from Redmond). Angry Birds Space will be coming to Windows Phone 7 after all. Someday. Its already available for iOS and Android.

In Redmond, the sense of relief was palpable:


Look at Microsoft: begging for scraps while Apple blows its own smoke rings. Hey Frank: how’s the view of Tim Cook’s ass?

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Mar 232012

In much the same way that it shocked me to learn that Android had a lead designer, I was similarly shocked to see that Samsung also employed someone who was responsible for the look and feel of Samsung’s hardware. His name is Lee Minhyouk. I was even more surprised when I read in an interview with Reuters that he was angry at being characterized by Apple as a “slavish copier” of their successful iPhone.

“I’ve made thousands of sketches and hundreds of prototype products (for the Galaxy). Does that mean I was putting on a mock show for so long, pretending to be designing?”

I don’t know how long it took to plop an iPhone 3GS down on some tracing paper, but I’m pretty sure I could have nailed it after the 6th or 7th time, tops.

“As a designer, there’s an issue of dignity. (The Galaxy) is original from the beginning, and I’m the one who made it. It’s a totally different product with a different design language and different technology infused.”

There is, in fact, a universe where this is true. Stephen Hawking could tell you all about it. Or you could ask this guy:

The Reuters piece carries a nice illustration featuring a couple of the Minhyouk’s creations:

Nice work, Lee. How about we spend an hour with the CS6 beta (as opposed to the 5 minutes it would have taken me with Pixelmator) putting your inspiration side-by-side?

Ah. I can totally see where the frustration is coming from.

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