Apr 052012

When the Android Open Accessory Development Kit and Arduino chipset were announced at Google I/O last year, I remarked on Google’s continuing invasion of user privacy that was pioneered by their search engine. The trend is obvious: Google wants to extract your personal information at a cellular level in order to best serve the people who pay them.

The latest syringe to come out of Mountain View comes in the form of a Microsoftian concept video for Project Glass.

I’d call it vaporware, but that would imply that Google is attempting to stifle future innovation in the same space, but Google’s product exists in a space that no company that isn’t funded by billions in play money would attempt to enter.

In addition to the contents of your email, your contacts, your calendar, your chat logs, your social network and your internet searches, Google is making a play to monetize every waking moment of your life. It’ll be just like giving Eric Schmidt an all-day piggyback ride. Let me try to temper my enthusiasm.

  2 Responses to “Android’s Dream of Electric Creep: Project Glass Seeks to Monetize the Future”

  1. The AD Reality (Via Gruber )

  2. There goes all that work I put into mocking up the video for a future post. Should have known it would take the Internet about 5 seconds to put one up. Good stuff.

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