Apr 092012

Typically, you have to work hard to break into my inner circle of intense loathing. Mike Daisey managed to earn a spot of eternal smolder by pretending to see things at Apple’s manufacturing facility in Shenzhen that didn’t actually exist. He’s been pretty much blackballed by the artistic community, but it’s always nice to see some additional embarrassment heaped on his plate (Archer: What? I could have crushed that.)

So I’m tickled to see that the honorary degree that Daisey was due to receive from Cornish College (home of the fighting Game Hens, I imagine) has been retracted, much like the majority of his Apple monologue. From a Cornish spokesperson:

One essential principle of that education is the importance of professional integrity. Because of that foundational value, Cornish will not award an honorary degree to Mr. Daisey.

Never one to shut up in the face of something that could only make him look worse by commenting on it, Daisey issued this statement via his blog:

I’ve apologized for what I’ve done wrong. Cornish’s choice to grandstand on my back, when they had a very open statement from me withdrawing almost two weeks ago, is their choice. I applaud their embrace of ‘professional integrity’ — it’s unfortunate that they didn’t exercise that integrity in this case.

I’m unclear how Cornish could have defended the concept of professional integrity any more thoroughly. Maybe by exercising some of Daisey’s legendary discretion and not publicly revoking their invitation. Apparently they…


God I love me some Roast Porkins.

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