Apr 132012

Growing up in a 10-person household, the most fearsome words my saint of a mother would wield were “Wait until your father gets home.” It transformed in-progress shenanigans into a deafening silence. The waiting was always the worst part.

Apple uttered these words to patent trolling scum Lodsys last year. As you’ll recall, Lodsys was threatening individualĀ iOS developers with lawsuits related to their so-called intellectual property, ostensibly so they could scare smaller entities into settling instead of entering costly litigation. Apple filed a motion to intervene in June, signaling their intent to defend their iOS ecosystem from bullshit scare tactics. Yesterday, their motion was granted.

If you’re ever lived in New York and had to deal with roaches, you know that they’re mostly silent when they scurry. If you listen closely, you can hear their tiny feet scraping the tile as they make for the nearest crack when you turn on the lights.

The lights are on, Lodsys. Daddy’s home.

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