Apr 232012

I always enjoy reading the thoughts of (usually former) employees about their experiences in-country. The latest dissident from Microsoft, Max Zachariades, paints a picture of the stagnating dinosaur for TechCrunch, calling the company out to be pretty much how I envision them:

This company is becoming the McDonalds of computing. Cheap, mass products, available everywhere. No nutrients, no ideas, no culture. Windows 8 is a fine example. The new Metro interface displays nonstop, trivial updates from Facebook, Twitter, news sites and stock tickers. Streams of raw noise distract users from the moment they login.

The OP ends up getting fired for emailing his higher-ups about the wastefulness that has come to define Microsoft’s culture. This is a company that will continue to operate on the vig afforded them by their Windows and Office Empires. One by one, as workplace consumers  push their preferences and take their choices back from their IT drones, the company will falter. It may take another decade, but this is a company well on its way to obsolescence.

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