Apr 242012

If you’re Apple, how do you follow up the most successful quarter in corporate history? With the second-best quarter, obviously. Cupertino announced its 2nd quarter earnings this evening and it’s safe to say the company is continuing to kick & take, beating analysts’ consensus estimates for earnings by over $2 billion. This coming in a non-holiday quarter that had one less week than Q1. Let’s roll the quant pr0n:

39-11-47? Hubba hubba...

Other miscellaneous factoids of interest:

  • Apple’s total cash on hand is now $110.2 billion, or almost enough to overpay for Motorola 10 times
  • Apple just closed its 24th quarter of beating PC market growth – that’s 6 years
  • Apple’s retail stores averaged $12.2 million per location, a 23% YoY increase
  • The percentage of Apple’s revenue that came from international sales increased from 58% in Q1 to 64%
  • iTunes store revenue was up 35% from the prior year, ringing up $1.9 billion in sales.
  • There are now over 365 million iOS devices in the wild, enough for every person in the United States with enough left over for everyone in Argentina

Looks like all those honest-to-god evil Apple product boycotts didn’t quite materialize. Oh well. Rest assured, with this kind of star power, there will be something next quarter, and the quarter after that. How else is Gizmodo going to maintain a readership? For all you haters, Triple H has a message for you:

Courtesy of ilovewrestlinggifs.tumblr.com

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