Apr 262012

Google researcher Sebastian Thrun, Founder and head of Google X, was a guest on Charlie Rose last night talking about his online University project Udacity, driverless cars and, of course, Project Glass.

Locutus looks quite comfortable in front of the camera

You probably know that Glass is Google’s attempt at immersive reality, featuring a super-discreet pair of boss glasses that allow you to use interact with the world via HUD and let you share your mundane life with your friends in real time. Information that Google will no doubt share with its customers (advertisers) in order to shave off another sliver of your identity for their monetary gain. Glass didn’t get much air time, but Thrun did snap a picture of Rose during the interview and posted it to his Google+ page:

Looks a lot like the pictures I see on Instagram lately...

All kidding aside, it’s kind of cool that Google is blowing all this ad cash on these fanciful visions of the future. As scattershot as their projects appear to me, who am I to accuse the company of Microsofting their capital into the void?

I do think Glass will be “personal” in a way that Android is not. Using an Android device, there’s a lot of things going on behind the scene that are invisible to the people carrying them. When people put on a pair of glasses, I think the idea of potentially having everything they do documented in some way is going to put the creepiness factor front and center. I don’t know if the world is ready for that level of immersion.

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