Apr 262012

No one with any reasonable sense of the smartphone timeline still thinks that Google didn’t pull an about face with the design of their Android handsets when the iPhone was released. There’s ample photo evidence.

As if another nail was needed in that coffin, during yesterday’s testimony at the Oracle v. Google trial, mock-ups for the 2006 vision of the Google Phone were introduced into evidence.

Not an iPhone

Google intended to release a BlackBerry-like device that eschewed a touch interfaced in favor of soft keys. So they were planning to knock off the most popular phone at the time – until a better one was announced in 2007. So what did the first Android shartphone, the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1, look like?

Nothing like the iPhone

Now the Dream also had a slide-out keyboard and hardware keys, but there’s the handy home screen icon layout and touch interface. Imagine that. Subsequent versions of Android are even more derivative of the iPhone. Although Creepy King Eric Schmidt says “Most people would agree that Google is a great innovator, and I would also point out that the Android efforts started before the iPhone efforts.”, it’s pretty clear now, even more so than before, that Schmidt is a disingenuous shit. You need only watch 10 seconds of Senate subcommittee testimony to know that anything hanging out of that guy’s mouth hole is bullshit.

So Apple has an additional little something for its back pocket should it decide to ever go after Google itself. Thanks for the bullets, Mountain View. Not that Apple needs them.

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