May 012012

I’m sure you’ll see a lot of this in your RSS this morning: according to IDC (vomits in mouth, swallows), Samsung once again leads the market in shartphones sold shipped made, holding an alleged 29% share with over 42 million units…moved. Because I’m too lazy to make my own chart:

*estimates to be taken with salt

This figure is at odds with the 32 million unit estimate that Strategy Analytics came up with for Samsung’s Q1. Samsung doesn’t release actual sales numbers like Apple does, so a little bit of disparity is inherent.

Of course, the actual money made off of each unit is slightly different. Samsung is estimated to average about a 12% margin for each of its phones; the iPhone’s margins are north of 45%. The difference can be explained thusly: Apple is a greedy bastard vendor that extracts exorbitant margins across the backs of exploited Chinese laborers. I’m kidding. The explanation is a little more simple:

iPhone models: 3GS, 4, 4S

Samsung models: Acclaim, Captivate i897, Captivate Glide i927, Conquer 4G, Continuum I400, Dart, Droid Charge, Epic 4G, Exhibit 4G, Exhibit II 4G, Fascinate, Galaxy 551, Galaxy A, Galaxy Ace S5830, Galaxy Apollo I5801, Galaxy Beam I8520, Galaxy Europa I5500, Galaxy Fit S5670, Galaxy Gio S5660, Galaxy I6500U, Galaxy 3 I5800, Galaxy I7500, Galaxy Indulge R910, Galaxy K M130K, Galaxy M Pro B7800, Galaxy Mini S5570, Galaxy Neo, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Pop i559, Galaxy Pop S5570, Galaxy Prevail, Galaxy Pro B7510, Galaxy Q, Galaxy R I9103, Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S Giorgio Armani I9010, Galaxy S Hoppin M190, Galaxy S I9000, Galaxy S I909, Galaxy S II 4G, Galaxy S II HD, Galaxy S II LTE, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy S II I927, I9001 Galaxy S PLUS, Galaxy S2 Mini, Galaxy 5 I5500, Galaxy S M110S, Galaxy SL I9003, Galaxy S LCD 4GB, Gravity SMART, Galaxy Spica I5700, Stratosphere

And these are just the Samsung shartphones that have been released in the last year and a half – the ones I could find anyway.

So while Samsung continues to vomit a bazillion barely differentiated smartphones into the market and enjoys immunity from groups pissed about how wasteful and greedy they are, Apple endures all the scrutiny and just keeps making the best ones.

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